Purchasing vehicles through auction platforms


Upon becoming a Cargo Polo user, you'll unlock the gateway to car procurement across diverse platforms. By enrolling as a dealer or a seasoned individual/legal entity entrenched in the automotive realm, securing a minimum of 5 assets monthly through our platform establishes your partnership with us.

Following your registration as a valued client, you'll be granted access to premium insurance and dealership auctions, coupled with optimal auction billing. Additionally, you'll gain the prowess to engage in dealership transactions, source vehicles from prominent platforms like eBay, Machinerytrader, and among others. Augmenting your capabilities, a suite of tools will be at your disposal, empowering you to meticulously assess and select vehicles, fostering informed decisions before finalizing any purchase.

Recognizing that acquiring an automobile entails a multifaceted process teeming with duties and responsibilities, we approach this endeavor through diverse service packages. Sharing our accrued expertise, we endeavor to elevate your knowledge base, propelling your enterprise to elevated echelons.

Access to auction accounts


Access to auctions is exclusively extended to specific user categories, each with distinct account types tailored to their needs. Complementing direct access, our innovative Cargo Polo sharing platform empowers shippers to manage 10-15 subaccounts within a single overarching account. This groundbreaking feature is poised to accelerate the expansion of your dealer network.

Beyond auction access, the option to utilize a bidder service is at your disposal, affording a safety net in unforeseen scenarios.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that Cargo Polo accommodates clients who possess their own auction accounts. Should you fall under this category, our seamless API integration empowers you to effortlessly link your accounts with our system, thus unlocking the full spectrum of Cargo Polo services.

Land transportation to American ports


The mastery of ground transportation within Cargo Polo has ascended to the pinnacle of artistry. Our array of drivers and vehicles are strategically stationed at bustling hubs, ensuring seamless car transport to ports without a hint of impediment or delay. The norm rather than the exception, you can almost invariably anticipate a Pick up scenario - replete with comprehensive photographs and a meticulously detailed vehicle condition report, safeguarded within our warehouse.Employing a bespoke fleet designed to accommodate vehicles of varied damages and dimensions, our approach mitigates the risk of potential harm throughout the journey.

Instantaneously, as the vehicle is retrieved, pertinent information is relayed to our affable convenience managers, poised to address any queries you may have. In instances of damage during pickup, dealers are promptly informed, prompting swift decisions on retrieval or resubmission for auction.

Ahead of embarking on the transportation voyage, our drivers meticulously juxtapose the auctioned photographs of the vehicle with its real-time state. If disparities emerge, our vigilant driver promptly alerts the dispatch team.

From the instant of pickup, data is meticulously logged, forming an indelible trail accessible to dealers through our vehicle tracking feature.

When it comes to remuneration, our drivers are compensated exclusively through electronic means. This practice affords us the latitude to deduct compensation from their remuneration in the event of transportation-induced damages, subsequently channeling the deducted amount back to the dealer. This symbiotic system encourages our drivers to ferry your assets with an unparalleled degree of care and vigilance.

Container and warehousing services


We provide our clients with a dual range of shipping solutions: consolidated shipments, enabling the transportation of individual assets to specific destinations, and an all-encompassing container service, empowering self-consolidation across a multitude of countries.

At Cargo Polo, the ability to obtain shipping estimates for containers destined to nearly all major global ports is readily accessible. Capitalize on our premium loading services, expert guidance, extensive warehousing provisions, and favorable payment terms.

For precise pricing tailored to your needs, whether it pertains to consolidated or non-consolidated cargo spanning diverse asset categories and types, our consumer calculator furnishes the exact figures you seek.

Cargo / asset insurance


At Cargo-Polo, our comprehensive insurance offerings empower users with three distinct packages tailored to their preferences:

1. Basic Insurance: This package is automatically included in the transportation cost and remains effective in instances where direct responsibility of the carrier/forwarder for damage is established. (This policy type is referred to as Freight Forwarders Liability).

It's crucial to note that user expectations often exceed the coverage provided in this policy for specific scenarios. Unfortunately, some companies misrepresent the essence of this policy. (Hence, we strongly recommend that dealers verify policy details with their manager).

2. Auction Car Insurance Policy: Under this 'All Risk' policy, an expansive spectrum of risks is comprehensively covered. The policy remains in effect until the asset is officially cleared from the customs terminal. (This includes injuries sustained during unloading, injuries sustained while in the warehouse, etc.)

3. Warehouse Asset Insurance Policy: This policy covers liability assumed after the asset is received in the warehouse. It's distinct from the other policies in that it excludes assessment of damage incurred during auctions (happening within the warehouse) and during internal transportation.

Upon damage notification and confirmation, the payment is swiftly credited to the dealer's account.

P.S. - It's incumbent upon the dealer to adhere to and follow requisite insurance settlement procedures, outlined during the contract signing process. This encompasses timely notification and payment considerations.

Technical support team


To streamline processes and enhance customer convenience, we've established a dedicated technical support team that serves as a bridge of communication between dealers and our back-office staff. With a workforce of over 70 individuals in our back office, direct communication with each dealer would be inefficient. Therefore, our technical support team acts as a filter for dealer queries, addressing 70% of inquiries independently. When required, they seamlessly liaise with warehouse personnel, dispatchers, loaders, forwarders, and others.

Operating in two shifts, our team offers assistance from 10 AM to 2 AM on every working day, providing dealers with continuous technical support.

Our support teams are comprised of three members each: 1. Financial Manager, 2. Direct Sales Manager, and 3. Management Ring Representative. Collectively, support team consist of up to 30 employees, assigned to different markets and directions based on their expertise and knowledge.

The presence of this facility stands as a paramount factor influencing service quality. It not only enhances dealer proficiency but also serves as a preventive measure against errors.

Personal online dashboard for dealers


Cargo-Polo, leveraging its high-tech prowess, extends to dealers an exceedingly user-friendly personalized online hub. Within this virtual domain, users can effortlessly access a wealth of information and exercise comprehensive control over processes, tailored to their preferences.

The personal cabinet serves as a comprehensive repository, encapsulating every facet of work processes – commencing from the initiation of vehicle auction proceedings to the culmination of receiving the asset at its ultimate destination. Moreover, an array of intuitive financial management tools, an ingenious calculator, and an assortment of captivating innovations are seamlessly integrated within the cabinet. These offerings collectively streamline the often mundane tasks for dealers, delivering a remarkably simplified management experience.

Capital assistance and financial backing


Within Cargo Polo, a multifaceted financial support program takes shape through various avenues. This program encompasses direct vehicle financing ahead of its arrival at the port or even before its sale. Moreover, we offer options for tax deferral, enabling vehicle purchase prior to payment, allocation of working capital to shippers, and even facilitating loans pivotal to nurturing consumer enterprises. These financial resources can be allocated for endeavors such as business modernization, establishing new offices, staff training, advertising initiatives, and more.

Our approach is rooted in customization, with the terms of engagement meticulously tailored to individual customer preferences. Authorized dealers are encouraged to initiate specific financial support inquiries through their dedicated manager, who then presents the proposition before the management board. Should the proposition garner interest, the dealer proceeds to collaborate with the company's management to establish mutually agreeable terms.

For uncomplicated financial needs such as pre-receipt vehicle financing, deferment of transportation fees, or vehicle repurchase before funds are received, the process is streamlined. These requests can be conveniently lodged through Cargo Polo's convenience store, alleviating the need for higher-level management involvement.

Booking agency


Cargo Polo presents a versatile solution tailored to shippers: a dynamic service catering to booking acquisitions, specifically for securing container space on ships. Our extensive repertoire encompasses compelling booking contracts with premier shipping lines, coupled with substantial purchase volumes. This advantageous combination capitalizes on economies of scale, translating into discounted booking prices for shippers, even in instances of indirect procurement.

Beyond the direct sale of bookings, we extend the opportunity to cultivate synergistic affiliations with shipping lines. This supplementary service can be seamlessly integrated into the shipper's experience, allowing for a comprehensive and customizable engagement.

Extra photo & video


Upon the vehicle's arrival at our warehouse, we conduct a comprehensive visual documentation process, capturing the vehicle from all angles and with meticulous attention to detail. These high-quality photographs adhere to industry standards and accurately portray the vehicle's condition.

Recognizing that unique situations may require specific visuals beyond our standard process, dealers have the flexibility to request particular photos or videos. These tailored requests can be conveniently made through the dealer's personal office or the dedicated portal.

Rest assured, we promptly accommodate these specialized requests in all available warehouses, ensuring that the visuals are acquired before the loading process. Our commitment to meeting these personalized needs underscores our dedication to providing a service that caters to the distinct requirements of our esteemed dealers.

Modification of title document


As you are aware, certain asset categories necessitate additional procedures for their export from the United States. In this context, Cargo Polo presents an unparalleled solution - one that is not only swift and user-friendly but also remarkably cost-consistent. Crucially, this service is designed to remain impervious to supplementary charges, ensuring utmost financial stability for both you and your esteemed clientele.

The fees pertaining to the replacement or restoration of documents will be meticulously assessed based on the specific document type and the geographic location of the asset. Notably, customers who have availed themselves of Cargo Polo's comprehensive service, rather than partial engagement, will find that the cargo storage fee is encompassed within the document recovery cost until the entire process is successfully executed.

Conventionally, vehicles afflicted with challenging documentation or intricate categorizations often command more favorable prices in the market. Regrettably, many industry counterparts shy away from providing this service due to its inherently intricate nature. However, our approach centers on prioritizing the customer's vested interest. Thus, you can confidently consider exporting a wide spectrum of assets, all the while keeping expenses well within reasonable bounds.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection


Leveraging Cargo Polo's services, you can significantly fortify yourself against unforeseen setbacks when purchasing a vehicle. It's common knowledge that asset acquisitions largely hinge on auction visuals and expert evaluations. However, there are instances when discernment and experience fall short in guaranteeing the best choice. The vehicles are presented on platforms, like insurance auctions, during the intake phase and might be sold months or years later. Often found in open parking areas, these cars can undergo shifts in location. Consequently, their condition at sale time might diverge from the initial posted images, an unfortunate uncertainty for potential buyers.

Furthermore, buyers might be compelled to ascertain restoration expenses or clarify specific details. Regrettably, auctions typically lack supplementary insights.

We furnish two categories of expert services:

We furnish two categories of expert services:

1. Supplementary listing amenities available via standard auctions.

2. Dispatching an expert to the site (auction stand) for acquiring additional photo, video descriptions, or information.

Note: This service is exclusively accessible in prominent locations, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

Meanwhile, it's imperative to place orders at least 7-10 business days prior to the auction commencement. The service's pricing is tailored individually based on the location and required tasks.

Vehicle pre-shipment packaging


Frequently, clients request the application of specialized plastic materials and targeted protective measures to envelop the vehicle. This meticulous packaging serves as a safeguard against potential contaminants such as dirt, dust, or scratches.

This practice is particularly prevalent when dealing with high-value automobiles. Notably, our expansive network of warehouses offers ready access to this service, ensuring a comprehensive solution to preserve the pristine condition of assets during their transportation.

Brokerage and forwarding services


Our provision of brokerage and forwarding services adheres meticulously to the specific regulations and requisites of each individual country. The utilization of these services remains entirely at the discretion of the customer, granting them autonomy to deliberate on whether to embrace our proposition within this facet of their enterprise.

From our end, an intricate tapestry of support unfurls for users. Swiftly and seamlessly, users are furnished with a comprehensive cargo trajectory update, meticulous customs clearance, and a visual dossier encapsulating the vehicle's condition. Moreover, a cascade of informative messages cascades through channels like SMS and email, seamlessly integrated into our system for user convenience.

Furthermore, the processed documentation requisite for subsequent maneuvers related to vehicle registration or other procedural obligations is expedited to the customer in the shortest feasible time frame.

Procurement and transport of auto parts concurrently with main cargo


In recipient countries, procuring specific car parts often proves to be a challenge due to limited availability or exorbitant prices. This is why dealers opt to purchase parts and perform vehicle assembly in America. With the support of Cargo Polo, this process becomes exceptionally convenient, offering a comprehensive solution to various challenges for both you and your customers.

Through our service, you can effortlessly utilize our network of warehouse addresses and various platforms (including eBay, Amazon, junkyards, and dealer shops) to purchase and dispatch auto parts of varying sizes. We take the extra step by receiving, unboxing, and seamlessly integrating these parts into your designated vehicles.

What makes this service highly appealing?

1. Simultaneous Delivery: The auto parts and the vehicle will arrive at your location simultaneously, eliminating the need to postpone car restoration while awaiting specific components.

2. No Extra Charges: We refrain from imposing additional fees for transporting parts, allowing you to obtain the parts without incurring extra costs.

3. Customs Advantage: In numerous countries, if the auto parts originate from the same vehicle that the cargo contains and those parts are meant for repairing the same vehicle, they are generally exempt from customs clearance.

By leveraging this service, you gain access to a streamlined and cost-effective approach to sourcing auto parts while enhancing the restoration process. You'll also navigate customs regulations more efficiently, benefiting both you and your valued customers.

Vehicle Disassembly / Dismantling


We offer comprehensive car cutting and dismantling services tailored to various requirements and preferences. These services are primarily availed by 'Parts sellers' or dismantlers, as transporting vehicles in this form yields significant savings both in container expenses and customs clearance. Across numerous countries, the customs clearance costs for specific parts are notably lower compared to that of entire vehicles.

Moreover, opting for disassembled or cut vehicles in a container presents an opportunity for heightened efficiency. On average, a container originally accommodating 4 intact cars can now accommodate between 10 and 18 vehicles in disassembled form.

The operational process follows this pattern:

Standard Car Purchase: The vehicle acquisition process proceeds conventionally, after which the car is directed to the disassembly/cutting area, diverging from the loading area.

Customized Approach: A manager will initiate contact with you to determine your preferences for cutting the car, specifying the parts you wish to retain and those you prefer to exclude (typically, damaged components with higher transportation costs than value). Subsequently, the order fee is confirmed in the order format, and the car cutting/dismantling procedure aligns with your specifications. The service cost is tailored to the specific task at hand.

Efficient Shipping: Our driver systematically loads parts from the warehouse into vacant containers multiple times per week. These containers are dispatched in various directions based on shipping needs.

This service offers flexible options. You can choose to consolidate one car within a container or fill an entire container, each with distinct conditions and pricing structures. This versatility ensures you can optimize your shipping strategy according to your specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

At FastShip Logistics, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient shipping services for businesses and individuals alike. With our wide range of comprehensive

Who is a dealer? (Or what precisely does this term signify?)

A dealer embodies an individual or legal entity entrenched in the field, characterized by a track record of procuring a consistent number of assets (3, 5, 10, 50, 100) each month.

Who is a shipper (Or what precisely does the term signify?)

A shipper is a category of dealer that engages in substantial and recurring asset acquisitions, benefiting from tailored terms offered by the company. In contrast, the shipper undertakes several responsibilities typically managed by us. Ensuring the shipper furnishes an adequate quantity of assets is imperative to facilitate efficient and complete container consolidation.

Does the transportation order inherently include automatic insurance coverage for the cargo (specifically cars)?

Cargo insurance and carrier liability stand as distinctly separate concepts. Devoid of knowledge regarding the insured asset's value, neither company can shoulder accountability or incorporate the asset's insurance valuation into the transport cost. Should you encounter such an proposition, it's crucial to recognize that we're navigating a particularly intricate matter necessitating comprehensive comprehension. (Inquiring about the extent of the carrier's obligations under its liability insurance is imperative.) Frequently, this matter engenders discord between dealers and companies. This arises due to the company occasionally covering losses directly attributed to its errors, contingent on the frequency of damage. However, this doesn't equate to comprehensive cargo insurance. Misinterpretation of this often places dealers in uncomfortable positions with their customers due to overblown assurances offered by certain companies hinging on ambiguous agreements. Consequently, the accurate response to the query is as follows: limited liability is insured within the transportation domain, yet this only constitutes 5% of general risks. This falls short of aligning with insurance in the conventional sense of the term.

At which point in our partnership can I obtain personal auction accounts?

Once you satisfy the company's prerequisites for obtaining personal accounts, you can secure them immediately upon the initiation of our collaboration.